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Many times we want to contribute to the community around us, whether by charity or acts of helping out, but since last year those acts of helping may have diminished a lot more. Perhaps your New Year’s goal is to help out more, or give more to charity, then here are two subtle, and easy ways to give back without doing anything too hard or extreme. Not only this, but it also comes at no cost for you, making it a win-win for you and people all around the world.

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The word “crowd” has a variety of definitions, for example, in regular everyday life people use it to describe a large mass of people. Although, in psychology, it is more commonly known to describe a group of people who are united by a common ideology, belief, or idea. This could range from angry citizens organizing a strike to a peaceful gathering about what they should do next to help their city. These crowds contain different behaviors that may not be present in its individuals.

According to Gustave Le Bon, a French polymath, “An individual in a crowd is a grain…

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Books are one of the best ways to escape from reality, they take you into a world you never would have been in before. They allow you to experience other's imaginations and explore different worlds and fantasies. They encourage us to imagine, and they encourage us to grow. Therefore, every year it is always a pleasure to look back and remember all of the wonderful books I read and reminisce on the happiness or sadness that they brought to me, along with all of the learning experiences. Books can truly take you into another world.

I did not read as…

Ashley Brown

Persist and resist. Medical student and aspiring writer for fiction and psychology

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