5 Tips I learned from #AskGaryVee

In the book #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreners take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awarness, Gary Vee answers some of the most useful questions he has ever been asked. He writes about his experiences as an entrepreneur, being a leader, and a user in the social media world. Here are some of the top takeaways and tips from the intriguing book.


#AskGaryVee has an entire chapter dedicated to the importance of hustling. He stresses the importance of doing whatever it takes to get where you want to go and says, “ You just have to be willing to do more than the competition”.

Gary defines hustle as, “It’s maximizing the energy you put into what you are passionate about. It’s squeezing every last bit of juice out of your day. It’s putting all your effort into achieving the goal at hand. It’s making every minute count. Every. Single. Minute.”

I think his advice is great. He tells people that if you really want something to work for it, to work harder than anyone else, keep pushing, maximize all your time, and above all don’t give up.

This can be applied to all aspects of life both personal and professional. So set some goals and get out there and hustle till they are a reality!


In his chapter STARTING OUT Gary answers the question, “What fundamental skills do many entry-level marketers lack?” He replies by stressing the importance of instead of thinking about what you lack in skills focus on what you do have.

I think this is great advice because often times people get bummed out or don’t try something because they don’t think they have every skill that is needed. Gary says,“ I believe in betting on your strengths.” He emphasizes that every individual is different and that it is important to know your strengths, know exactly what you bring to the table, and bet on it. If you focus on your strengths and hustle to work on your weaknesses you’ll be in great shape!


When asked where he seems himself in five years Gary Vaynerchuk gave an answer that surprised me. Instead of having a detailed plan with goals, aspirations, or dreams he replied, “ I have no idea.”

As an avid planner, I had to take a step back and really think about this one. He has no five- year plan, which in some ways opens up even more possibilities. He isn’t tied down to carrying out a specific plan and is always open to new opportunities coming his way.

Gary says, “Five years ago Instagram and Snapchat didn’t exist, nor did GoPro. The World is changing too fast to be able to predict where I will be professionally.”

It’s a crazy to think that parts, tools, or even my future job may not exist yet. Gary never set out to become an internet personality or become an author it all started with his love for wine and a camera. With technology rapidly changing and new ideas constantly spurring, I think some of us may have to reconcile that not having a set plan is okay. That it will mold with the changing future of technology and innovation.


In his chapter on Investing Gary answers the question,“ What usually prompts you to walk away from a great opportunities?” His response is intuition. I think sometimes the importance of listening to your gut feeling is down played or even ignored. Gary explains that a good rule of thumb is that if it doesn't feel right you probably shouldn’t do it. In addition, he says finding the balance between your number sense and gut, “ is a science and an art”.

This also applies in his chapter SELF-AWARENESS when Gary talks about where to draw the line with online privacy. His rule is,“ You draw the line where you think you should.” Meaning it’s important to consider what should stay private and what is shareable, trust your instincts and do what is best for you.

Gary goes on to say that he finds getting personal brings him closer with his audience aiding in building his brand and knowing his audience better. While he enjoys getting personal he knows where to draw the line choosing to keep his children out of the spotlight and away from his business as much as possible.

Everyone has their own boundaries based on what is best for them. Figure out what yours are while also respecting other people’s boundaries and don’t forget to trust your intuition.


Gary states the importance of storytelling at the beginning of his chapter, CONTENT AND CONTEXT. He says, “People buy with their hearts, not their heads, and the best way to every consumer’s heart is through a good story.”

He continues to explain that the quality of a brands storytelling is directly related to their content quality. While times have changed and the forms of storytelling have evolved into a tweet, a post, video, or blog. If a customer truly believes in your message, your brand and your story they will become an advocate for your brand that chooses to support you whenever possible.

Gary goes on to list what quality content is:

· It appeals to the heart

· It’s sharable

· It’s native to the platform on which it appears

· It breaks through the noise

Make sure your brand is using quality content with a story that will resonate with people.

Without a doubt, Gary Vaynerchuk is a great entrepreneur who has had unique experiences that led to his book#AskGaryVee. His tips and advice throughout the book are ideal for people just starting out with questions on everything from entrepreneurship, branding, leadership, and standing out on social media.

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