My first #LinkedInChat

Earlier this week I gave my very first Twitter chat a try for my social media management class #UFSMM. I got on Twitter at 8pm right at the start of the scheduled chat and waited to see what this live chat thing was all about.

It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of it and introduce myself to the others in the chat and my classmates.

The chat I attended was all about adding your experience on LinkedIn. Hosted by Con Sweeney a social media advisor and managing director. It’s a segment he hosts every Tuesday at 2 and 8pm, called #Linkedinchat

It was cool to feel a sense of community and connectivity. Sometimes other people had the same questions that I did and I could sit back and wait for it to be answered. Other times people would respond to a question in a way I never would have thought of. I found it interesting to read other viewpoints and see questions I never would have thought to ask.

At times the chat was so fast paced I thought it might be easier to view on two screens. Rather than trying to keep up with the questions being asked as well as what had already been said. While simultaneously attempting to re-tweet and like other posts and making sure to refresh the page to catch the new questions.

As someone who doesn’t yet have a LinkedIn I learned how just how important it is to have one. Not only can you network and find employers but employers can find you!

Some words of wisdom from the chat:

· Each experience has 1,000 characters available…. USE THEM!

· If you have held several different job positions it may be best to break it up into different experiences

· Keywords are great when used correctly

· Play around with different formats to see what works best for you

Con Sweeney was a great host and listener who left us with this quote:

Overall I can say I learned a lot and will have a ton of advice to incorporate when I do create my LinkedIn.

Participating in a live twitter chat is something I would recommend for others to try out. Especially if you want live feedback and are looking for instant communication.

I’m definitely intrigued by all the different possibilities of live chats and will be on the lookout for more in the future.