How Retailers are Telling Us that Dogs are More Important Than Babies

I would like to preface this article by saying that we LOVE dogs at OrgaNums and any brand created to improve their health, quality of life, and make their taste buds happy is a friend of ours! This article is only intended to help open the eyes of our nation’s retailers.

The Road to the Tiny Human Food Revolution

As the owner of a newer company, I went into my startup knowing full well that starting a new segment to a long existing category would have it’s challenges, but have always been up to the task. As far as I’ve been concerned, while retailers don’t easily offer their shelf space (especially for perishables), we provide a product that offers a direct impact to the health of tiny humans and that alone should help us get our foot in the door, obviously right? Ahem…nope.

Cold-pressed (or High Pressure Pasteurized) baby food is a growing category started by moms who were absolutely fed up with the options presently found on grocery store shelves… for the better part of a year (sometimes more)… at room temperature… with flavors and textures that are leaving more and more parents looking like this:

A Little Background on This Thing We Call “Cold-Pressed”:

The technology used to cold-press foods and juices has been around for over one hundred years and is finally being used to make the huge impact on consumer’s health for which it was designed. While shelf stable products are processed with Ultra High Temperatures that strip products of their natural vitamins, nutrients, flavors, and textures, cold-pressed processing simply uses pressure rather than heat. This leaves a higher vitamin and nutrient content to be ingested and true flavors. This is what the baby food industry has been ignoring since it’s inception and what we’re THRILLEDto offer parents from now on because who doesn’t want what’s best for their tiny humans??

“…Excuse Me, but There’s Fresh Dog Food Ten Aisles Away.”

You can imagine my confusion when we started approaching retailers with this revolutionary, highly sought after, fresh, and refreshingly healthy baby food and being told that it poses too many ‘placement’ challenges. Bear in mind that some of these retailers carry cold-pressed pet food, yet asking them to carry cold-pressed baby food wasn’t an option. It’s left me a bit confused and quite frankly, disappointed. We are supposed to be in the midst of a drastic change in the way that we see, use, and buy our foods. Organic is king, fresh is best, we’re an overwhelmingly busy society so convenience is a tremendous help… and yet, here we are… OrgaNums (you know, the brand that offers parents a line of small-batch, cold-pressed, scrumptious organic food for their tiny humans that they don’t have to make themselves in effort to avoid the shelf stable filler foods??) and we along with a few others can’t get into grocery in a real way. A couple of independent stores here and there or a percentage of larger retailer locations? Sure. But let’s not forget that you can buy your puppy the best food on the market at virtually any one of a large chain’s locations. There’s a message that I don’t think retailers know that they’re sending and it’s strong:

“We do things the way that we’ve always done things and while a healthy, fresh pet food was worth bending for, baby food just isn’t.”

We Have Friendship Necklaces With Your Names on Them, Retailers

In no way, shape, or form do we want to be anything but B.F.F.’s with retailers! WE LOVE YOU, RETAILERS! However, I personally felt like maybe we could offer a little perspective here because ultimately, babies deserve this change… They deserve to have their diets valued, improved, and fought for.

Your Optimistically Stubborn Friend,

Ashley Rossi

CEO & Founder of OrgaNums

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