Can the death of design firms be a good thing?
Sarah Kehoe

I enjoyed the comparison between agency and in-house design lives, as it used to be my and still is many designers’ internal debate when it comes to employment options. Agencies do tend to produce more cutting-edge work than in-house teams, but it is also partially because agencies are to some level detached and not responsible for the full life-cycle implementation of their design recommendations or products. On the other hand, many in-house design or innovation teams, built either from ground zero or by acquisition, are currently suffering from lack of autonomy, resources, high-level creativity, and recognition to reach their full potential, but I believe the situation will eventually evolve for the better along with the changing environment and work culture.

I also loved the positive tone at the end of the post calling designers to embrace the change of our own industry. The past several year and the next several are formative and critical for the new landscape of design. Although it has been chaotic and frustrating sometimes, I would still rather be witnessing the change and be part of it than hear about this “golden age” two generations later.

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