Long-Term Subbing — Day One

Friday March 10th, 2017

Journal #1:

I’m 30–45 minutes early and thought the teacher that I’d be working with would be there early. She arrived 5 minutes before the bell rang.

I thought I’d arrive early to gather materials and figure out what I’m supposed to do, let alone teach. That’s okay though, I’m a quick learner. However, I was pretty overwhelmed with information, pretty much bombarded with it, and the teacher asked, not looking at me, “Do you want to teach the students how to find the literary appeals and elements from the text, or …?” She turns and stares into my face; I must’ve had an overwhelmed look on my face because she smiled and looked at me like, “never mind” then started to teach the students. She did this so that I could try and do it myself, basically giving me a preview of how I was supposed to guide the students in finding the information from the text and preparing them for the next assignments that were similar to the one from today — soon to be homework, if not done during class time.

This was this first class of the day, 7:20 AM, and I was already flustered. I had literally just gotten to the classroom and was immediately expected to start teaching. I’m not upset, I’m just unsure if I can do this.

I’m telling myself, “I ‘can’ do this. Everything happens for a reason.”

But my overly active brain keeps thinking about the following things:

I’m not credentialed, yet.

I haven’t started student teaching, yet.

I’ve only been a substitute teacher for two months.

Why did they choose me? As first pick?

I can do this… right?

Well, I picked up quickly on what I was supposed to do and teach the students. I learned I had a 6th period prep and could meet with the other teacher to discuss the things I had to do, with further details during lunch. I had a whole thing planned with her on what to teach the students for the next two weeks.

I think I can do this.

How long are they going to keep me for again?