Buy Canadian Stamps To Improve Your Collection

Canada’s postal history is admired by majority of the philatelists. Seasoned philatelist own ancient and rare Canadian stamps which clearly define North American philately and its roots going all the way to Great Britain and France.

Canada’s postal service has various things to offer including definitive and commemorative stamps and covers.

After France occupied Canada, the French Canadian territories started their first postal service in the year 1721 limited to Quebec and Montreal. Canadian British colonies were also under London’s general post office after the great Britain took over Hudson’s Bay and Nova Scotia in 1713.

But by 1851, Canada broke away from British postal service to run its own postal service. This is when the first Canadian stamp ‘Three Penny Beaver’ was born. Collectors of wildlife stamps call it the first stamp which depicted local fauna of the country.

Here is the list of some of the most unique and ancient Canadian postage stamps you can collect to make your collection rare and desirable.

1.Canadian Perfin stamps.
2.Canadian Small Queens postage stamps.
3.Canadian Commemorative stamps.
4.Canadian art postage stamps.
5.Canadian Admiral stamps.
6.Canadian War stamps.

By now you must be tempted and delighted to add Canadian stamps in your collection. But the major thing one must keep in mind is to source these stamps in the right way to ensure genuine stamps are being delivered.

Here are a few checks you should do when you buy favorite Canadian stamps online to stay immune from the nightmare of buying fake stamps.

1.Re-gumming of stamps is done on frequent basis to enhance its quality and make them look better. It is done by replacing the original gum of the stamp to enhance its value. Original gum stamps are scarcer and more prominent. Put the stamp face down on your palm to see if it curls or not. If it is curling from the corners, then it is re-gummed.

2.Hold the stamp under the direct flash of light to see if the watermark is visible clearly. If yes, then it is an original one, otherwise you have been duped.

3.Sellers also often re-perforate the stamps to fix the existing damaged perforation. You can easily spot these fake fixes through a magnifying glass.

4.You should also look at the shape of stamp carefully. An oddly shaped stamp is definitely fake and not worth a dime.

So buy Canadian postage stamps online to add value to your prized collection. Key is to source stamps after required deliberation to avoid any fraud.

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