Still Trying to Get the Hang of Making This a Daily Thing

Another Friday, another time to reflect on how the week and month is going. I am baffled that it’s already mid September — where did the rest of 2019 go?

It’s already that time a year again where we say goodbye to summer, the younger generations go back to school as well as some of my peers will be starting business school / graduate school and I sit here confused on where the time has gone.

Notable things I’ve read this past month:

The key take-away from this to me was learning to take care of myself. I’m usually one to neglect myself and I’ve realized over the years it’s only caused me to be unhappy and at a loss.

Some interesting startups to share:

PietraD2C (founded this year), seed stage company is looking to be the ecommerce platform for customized jewelry. It has attracted investors

Personally I am not the target consumer but can understand how this platform could be successful, given how large the market is. A thing to consider is how many independent, “indie”, vintage, boutique jewelers that are already out there and how this looks to compete with them. One that is a personal favorite mine is Vanessa Mooney and so I need to question how exactly does Pietra plan on making money?

The press regarding Pietra states that it “wants to be the Etsy of Jewellery” and like most ecommerce platforms, it makes money by applying fees and/or cuts on the products sold. It’s a two-sided market place where Pietra’s starting point to success is having enough sellers and buyers. Network effects and scale play are key to success here.

In the past I’ve had an idea for an ecommerce platform that does custom clothing instead of the only real option for the average consumer to go to a tailor (still expensive and time consuming), make the clothes themselves (I only know the basics of sewing up a hole) and/or get a friend/freelancer/specialist in fashion to make such fantasized clothing (still time consuming and probably expensive unless you have a very skilled and kind friend). As you can see, I’ve shot this idea down for obvious reasons but the creative in me would like to see in some way, in some world / multiverse see this be executed well and successfully. I mean how cool would it be to have an idea come to life, one that you can wear exactly customized to your size and one that no one in the world has.

More about the company at the below links — Pietra, not the impossible idea above:

I am always really interested interested in learning more about companies that go against ‘the big guys’ and do it by scaling with technology — psst, this is almost the entirety of fintech, which is super awesome.

I read about a company called Blooma, a seed stage AI driven commercial lender. Will continue to follow their progress.

Also on that note, this read had a different perspective than my original one so thought I’d note it here:

Here are some other great reads from this month:

Also a quick thought I had when I was at work…

“When you are around stupid / stubborn / close-minded people, you end up focusing on how frustrating they are instead of elevating yourself”

General lesson here: remove toxic people and people who are holding you back out of your life. If they work directly with you then you need to leave immediately — still trying to apply this to my own life…

Well, at least it’s the weekend…

My personal, professional, random and hopefully interesting thoughts and ideas to be shared — figuring it out by writing it out?