I want to tell you a little story of 2 entrepreneurs with a dream… or many dreams. Three years ago my husband and I purchased a web design company called New Coast Media. We both had an interest in web design and building a business around helping other entrepreneurs as well as churches and nonprofits. At the time I was building a successful direct selling business called Thirty-One Gifts. I was mentored by one of the smartest women I know. After 9 months of amazing sales and team building I decided that I would rather focus that energy into building my own business with my husband, where we had control over the product and the profit. I began working with my husband with New Coast and we quickly realized the business was not at a place where it could fully support our family. I began job searching and landed an amazing job at the Abilene Cultural Affairs Council. I was able to learn bookkeeping, some accounting, I collaborated to create the Storybook Capital Store and to create products. I managed amazing interns that volunteered their time. I was introduced to a new love of mine: the Abilene Chamber of Commerce. I started learning the importance of economics and city government. I began to serve on boards and really see the value of my community. I was surrounded by successful business owners and soaked up as much from the experience as possible, until after 9 months I received a phone call. I was introduced to the world of real estate and more importantly Keller Williams Realty. After a month and a half of an interview process I was offered the position as Team Leader for Keller Williams Abilene. One of the most rewarding and challenging times of my life. The growth I experienced in 6 months was nothing I could have ever known. The brilliant people I was surrounded with on a daily basis was mind blowing. I learned leadership skills, compassion, how to have tough or “fierce” conversations. I learned time management, how to effectively run a business and most importantly how to think. As I soaked up the information I began coming home sharing with Dylan and New Coast. During this journey of mine, Dylan had been slowly growing our company, as he grew his web development and design skills. We’d fill our large white boards with strategies and implement systems and models. New Coast Media was finally ready for me to come on board. I didn’t realize that this was my path until a few days ago. We were planning on hiring a sales director out of Dallas and expanding the company. I had forgotten that the original desire of my heart was to be at home working with my husband. God works in amazing ways. Although my journey is not the traditional one of climbing the corporate ladder and being in a role for multiple years it is still a story of success. Each step took me to a new level in my capabilities and knowledge. Without any of the experiences I would not be here writing this today. I am so grateful for all the people who encouraged me and believed in me, even if they thought I was crazy along the way! I will never forget the people and organizations that got me to this place. I am so thankful for all the people that let me process things out loud with them. Who spent countless hours collaborating on projects and ideas. Who did crazy things like help plan massive glow dance parties. Who hosted Bag Parties at their houses and churches. Who let me cry, laugh, shout, and be silent. The friends that stuck around even when I neglected them during the busiest season of my life. The family that never stopped believing in me and would do anything if I needed it. My God who has never forsaken me. Who I disappoint on a daily basis yet always gives me His hand to pull me back up again. Who gives me the joy that fuels my energy and drive. My future is so bright thanks to my God and all of the people who have walked, ran, jumped, crawled, and pushed me and my family along the way. Thank you. If you have a church, non profit, or business that needs a website, New Coast Media has amazing customer service and proven results. We’d love to partner with you!

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