The beginning of the blog

As an aspiring primary teacher and also being a very busy university student at ACU, it is necessary to be able to have a space where you can leave all your thoughts, worries and insights. Also, this blog is for me to track my process throughout my coarse, to look back at what I have done and to take time to reflect. These are my reasons for making this blog.

We are all very busy people and I am slightly worried about having the time to sit down and write on this blog regularly, but I feel that this could also help me throw all of my thoughts onto one page and to organise and reflect on them. Even now I feel calmer in some way, getting everything out of my head and written down.

The content within this blog will house personal reflections throughout my digital tech course and will also involve critical thoughts on questions posed in this topic and problems that I come across or that are addressed. On an end note, everything seen in this blog is my own and will be cited if this is not the case. I am looking forward to blogging and creating this space.

Let the blogging begin!

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