Growing Up In the 90’s

Growing up all I wanted was to become rich, marry and have a family. From having a mother leave when I was only 3 because my father abused her. To my grandfather having to come stay with us to watch us while my dad worked driving a truck.

Life weren’t always easy! Cheesy clothes, crazy hair styles and Bobo shoes I had it all! “spankings” were the usual sometimes unsure of why. A dad with an alcohol issue who smoked like a freight train. I knew there had to be more to life then shoveling rocks into a dog pen for hunting dogs or push mowing a 2 acre yard on a 100 degree day. I swore I would be out one day and never make my children endure some things I had.

The day had come, I remember it like it was yesterday. Sun beaming, sweat pouring down my face and arms feeling like they were gonna fall off from the vibration of the push mower. My step mother called someone. No clue who she was, but she saved us. That’s all I could think when we left with nothing not even shoes. I was nine, hadn’t seen my mother in 6 years but somehow her and my step dad got us that day. Only God knows how or even why but I thank him.

It was a new day a new life we began to experience. We were abundantly blessed. A life we had never experienced.

To be continued…