Gender Abolition as Colonisation
Lola Phoenix

If gender was ever “abolished” (which I think is impossible as long as souls like me exist who are hard gendered) I would commit suicide as a protest of that “abolishment”. Because frankly it would be an existence that I could not partake in, there would be no space for me, I don’t identify as female, I am female pure and simple and my existence alone, at least for me, is evidence enough for that to be an ultimate cosmic truth. Yet I don’t believe in gender roles and do not feel anyone’s life, choices, agency, and actions should be hindered by what sex or gender they are. A lot of people are confused and see this as an impossible dichotomy which aggravates me to no end. But I really like the way that you compared it to an epistemology, I think that comes close to my understanding. I really feel its entirely possible to live in a genderful world where oppression is minimised to a degree where everyone can live without harming each other. Maybe some people see me as Naiive but I’d much rather live in a colorful genderful world than one thats a drab monotone where gender doesn’t exist… Where people like me are defined out of existence. that to me is the ultimate oppression and must be stopped at all cost.

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