Ashley Zehnder — Three Tips That Will Improve Your Swimming Technique

Investing in a swim coach to improve your technique and help prepare for a triathlon or race is expensive. Finding a good coach is a whole different ordeal. Many people prepare for such events not coached because of the high costs. This means that you are less likely to improve your stroke technique and will be slightly less prepared. If that sounds like you, here are three tips that will help you improve your technique.

• You need to align your spine in water the same way you would do on dry land. Stand up tall and look straight ahead. You will notice that your neck is aligned with your spine, and your face is looking straightforward. You need to take this same position in the water. You can practice this by floating face down.

• Remember to glide between strokes. When you run, to create motion you have to keep striding forward. There is nothing else that will keep you moving. In water, you are propelling yourself forward, and you will keep on moving between strokes. Each stroke should be separated by a short glide while swimming. Don’t windmill in the water.

• You should be kicking from your hips and not your knees. Kick from the hips, point your toes, and relax your knees. When entering the water, your feet should be making a small splash. If your hip-flexor muscles are sore, that means that you are kicking correctly.

Ashley Zehnder is an expert swimmer and an experienced coach. She coached at the Clearfork Swim Club in Lexington, Ohio and Kent State University while she was a student there. She has been swimming since the age of five and swam for her high school team for which she qualified for state twice.