Today, at twenty four I am not the thinker that I was raised to be. I am at a mind state extraordinarily different from that of myself at thirteen, sixteen and eighteen years of age. My interests, thoughts, ideas of human morality, sense of self; together the truths that make up what I am as a creative, thinking primate, fail absolutely to share a single commonality with that of my parents and grandparents. In my fairly recent ventures into learning more about biology, cosmology and physics from some of our most astounding historic and modern day educators, I have never been more distant from the people that I am a direct descendant of. I am no longer the self-centered, irrational, uninformed and mildly-delusional mind that I was for the larger part of my life thus far. I fail to succumb to ideas of superstition based solely on my innate human attachment and desire to survive, and live eternally. I cease to measure myself above all other living organisms of existence, on this blooming spec of space rock. I am no longer wastefully intrigued and entertained by pseudosciences’ alien abductions, mystical fairies and conspiracy theories. ALL human-made deities, for me, rest together in the burial ground of ancient mythology. I am an advocate for true human equality, a logic and reason based society, free of the delusion and dogma that has held our species back for multiple millennia. And I do not vote with myself nor my bank account in mind. I vote with our species, our brothers and sisters, human and nonhuman, and our planet deep at heart.

My unexpected exposure to the method of reasoning that has transformed our small world into one humanity can thrive on, live beyond thirty-years on, build rocket ships on- has hurdled my mind down the oh-so-obscure path of all around being the best human I have ever been. I have never been more proud of what I am. And for the first time, I think I have entirely disappointed the parents that raised me. The humans that love me the most will never know the very best parts of me. In this sense only, it is a troubling world to have woken up to. But it will always tremendously exceed the dark world of thinking I was previously a deeply trepid inhabitant of. I will never give up the climb I have made to fully critical thinking, out of an almost trapped, primitive state of mind.

The close friends I have made in the intelligent and beautifully-minded homo sapiens I have surrounded myself with, leave my thoughts stirring in wonder and excitement. The world is a stunningly surprising and poetic place, least imperative of our hindering imaginations. The truths that our skeptical interrogation of reality has revealed to us, have left me fearless. Utterly engaged with our universe, human exploration of the cosmos and the profoundly insightful traces of our biochemical relationship to all of it. I am happy. I am unafraid. And I am not alone.


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