Is PASSION an overused word?

I blame the movies: where the confused kid finds his true passion and wins a bigass trophy in the end. You could blame the inspiring novels, the society or your family and friends. The one word that is thrown around and used all the time is ‘Passion’. From an interview, to a date wherever you go you can be assured that this question is going to come your way — “What are you truly passionate about?” I don’t know about most of you, but this question always baffles me.

Just last week my 15 year old brother came up to me and asked me, “What is your Passion?”. I went excitedly went into the details of how I was deeply engrossed in learning a new language and how I was enjoying it more than ever. The first thing he said to me was: “But that’s what you are enjoying now, it’s not your passion! Are you just wallowing trough life?” This got me deeply thinking. Why do we associate Passion with our one true desire that we must pursue and twist into some sort of career or moneymaking device? Why does a person have to have just one passion? Can’t I be passionate about different things at different stages of my life?

I personally know and admire many people who have found their passion or their one true calling and are devoted to it completely. Some have also made it into their career. And that’s amazing. But have we put such an emphasis on this one word, that the minute we can’t zero in on something, we are immediately termed as ‘Lost’ or ‘Unfocused’ or even ‘Aimless’?

Passion is something that engrosses you, gives you pleasure and that you genuinely enjoy doing. It is unfair to define it as the one activity or one area that defines you or your purpose in life. Your passions can change. And honestly, I think it is healthy if you are passionate about more than one thing in life. At different stages of life we are exposed to a lot of different ideas and people. Having an open mind and approach to life can help you develop a passion for not one but several activities in your time on this planet.

The point I am trying to make is this: If you have found your driving force and wish to call it your passion and pursue it with your heart and soul, then Godspeed my friend! You are a truly lucky person. But if you are like me, and your passion changes with time and circumstance, fret not! Just approach each new activity with fresh zeal and energy! Yes, people may think you are lost or ‘wallowing’ through life but if you enjoy it, a little wallowing won’t hurt anyone!

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