Netiquette… What is that?


Welcome :)

I’d like to start with a gentle reminder that posts are public. Everything that is posted online can be traced… be careful with what you post kids!

What is netiquette? Well according to, it is defined as the combination of ‘net’ (internet) and ‘etiquette’.

Basically, how to appropriately and respectfully post and communicate online.

Your employer or potential employer, your significant other, and even kids someday (if you haven’t got any already) can read it. If you don’t think grandma or grandpa would be happy with what you posted, it may serve a key indicator, that you shouldn’t have posted it in the first place!! Think, what would Jesus do ;)

One should refrain from abusing anyone online, using profanity (unless you’re really passionate about a certain topic, dropping an f-bomb once in a while can’t hurt), posting any copyrighted work and most importantly, definitely refrain from posting anything pornographic. How I like to think of it is as the first virtual impression. If I were to google myself, or better yet, if a potential employer does, and the first thing he/she sees is a picture of me black out drunk holding a beer, or my inappropriate tweets, is not ideal. By law in Ontario, they aren’t allowed to render a decision, discriminating against you based on what they saw online. It can however play a major impact on how they simply view you as a person.


Sometimes, when we want to grab peoples attention, we may do so by adding extra “!”, capitalizing, bolding and even underlining in some cases. One has to be extra careful in the context that you do it, as it may sometimes come off as ill-mannered. Take for example, whenever I get a text, or email from somebody and EVERYTHING IS CAPS LOCKED, it sort of feels like I am being yelled at, which is no bueno. When professors tell me stories about emails they receive from students, it makes me question who let those individuals near the internet!!!

“Sup bro”, “Yo (first name)”, “Fam” ← DO NOT USE these phrases when addressing professors or anyone else for that matter #nofilter. Well, besides your buddies.

People are now also misusing emojis, especially winking faces. What do you mean by that Ashley? Well sometimes, when I read tweets, texts or emails and attached are winking faces, the wrong idea comes to mind . Let’s be smart with what we say, the emojis used and most importantly, how we say it.

Again, I’m sure we’re all aware of the do’s and dont’s of netiquette.


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