Kombucha, a labour of love!

So in a recent post, I shared that I would be trying my hand with homemade kombucha tea. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a tea that’s been fermented with a special culture called a scoby. It’s lightly carbonated naturally and full of excellent probiotics! You can buy kombucha… but being true to my nature, I thought, why buy it when I can make it? So that’s what I’m doing!

My first batch went great! It was a nice healthy scoby (freya is her name) and it fermented to my liking by day 7. Not bad, I had heard it could take up to 28 days depending on the environment. Perfectly tart and lightly carbonated! So I bought a couple swing top bottles and bottled for its second round of fermentation, which also went off without a hitch :)

Its really tested my patience to see these beautiful bottles of kombucha that I still had to wait for! Haha! During the first ferment, Freya made another scoby baby though… what to do with 2 scobys? Why, make 2 more batches of course ;) so I started 1 1/2 more gallons of kombucha to ferment while I waited for the second ferment of my first brew, to finish. Why not right?

Bam! So then more waiting… and periodic tasting. And again, another week later, those 2 batches were done. And so was my bottled batch! Yay! I haven’t even tried it yet lol so tonight I popped those 2 bottles in the fridge to cool :) can’t wait! While waiting for it to chill, I got all of my new jars sterilized, along with all of my equipment, and bottled those 2 batches! I got 12 x 8oz jars and 1 1/2 L of kombucha ready for round 2!

I’m hoping to build enough of a back supply so I don’t have to wait between batches to enjoy my kombucha! And of course, I figured I’d take a few moments to share, as I sit back and take in the fruits of my labor. It’s been a really neat experience to make kombucha! It’s kind of like having a kitchen pet lol! Feeding living bacteria with tea and sugar to produce a tasty, refreshing, live probiotic beverage. Kitchen biology!

But now, to finally try it finished! Are you ready? I’m ready!!

It’s absolutely DEVINE <3

Well, that’s all from me folks! Have a wonderful night!

Love to all! Xo