10 Advantages of Oracle Primavera P6 you much Know

  1. Primavera P6 Reduces Risk
    When your schedule has inconsistencies, errors, or overrun issues, project expenses will grow. This could mean cutting more vital aspects of the project to compensate for the excess costs. Using Primavera P6 helps identify and mitigate risks in the course of planning, managing, and completing a project.

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2. Easy to Use Software
Primavera P6 offers many complex analyses and processes; however, accessing and managing the schedule remains simple. Simply input your information, and wait for the software to determine if any problems exist. For example, worker shifts may be uncovered, have too many employees, or additional raw materials may be needed. P6 may be used throughout an entire project, even large, multi-tier projects.

3. Optimized Resources
Primavera P6 allows all involved in a project to carefully monitor resource availability and adjust such resources to meet project demands. Furthermore, the software can help identify areas where resource costs may be reduced by analyzing resource trends and costs.

4. Enhanced Visibility
Visibility and compliance with political and environmental regulations are among the top priorities for project managers and business executives. Since Oracle Primavera P6 allows all data to be entered, tracked, and analyzed in one location, you can ensure your project does not pose any possible violations.

5. Forecasting of Project Activities
As a project evolves, the project may require additional resources, activities, and tasks to meet stakeholder demands. Within Oracle Primavera P6, project managers can create forecasts for resources, activities, and other project needs.

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6. Tracking Features
The tracking features of Primavera P6 allow users to rapidly generate reports, ensure all projects are completed as requested, and maintain baseline adherence.

7. Enhanced Communication
 Some project may span large geographic areas, require hundreds of workers, and involve many different parties. Primavera P6 enables executive-level staff to communicate with other workers, project managers, and planners easily. Furthermore, notes can be made to the schedule in the software to ensure all users see the message.

8. Improved Collaboration
Since communication is enhanced throughout a project, it’s easy to see how improved communication translates into improved collaboration. This is especially important when projects span large areas. For example, projects in the energy production industries may require collaboration between many different parties.

9. Gives Employees Responsibility in Schedule Creation
Primavera P6 makes the scheduling and planning process easier by allowing users access to the schedule. Additionally, you may allow workers to create their schedules within the software from their location. Workers may also make schedule requests within the software, turn in timesheets, and perform other scheduling functions.

10. Breakdown Complex Projects
The size of a project can be overwhelming. Oracle P6 allows project managers to break large projects into smaller, achievable projects, tasks, and activities.

Relevance of Oracle Primavera P6 Software
Oracle Primavera P6 is used by all military and federal agencies in the US. In fact, statistics have shown the overwhelming majority, 375 out of 400, of top engineering companies in the US use Primavera P6.

Oracle Primavera P6 popularity is rapidly growing for its ability to plan, manage, and control all facets of a project. Due to this popularity, many advocate sitting and practicing the use of the software. Additionally, you may opt to complete an Oracle Primavera P6 training course to help you learn more about the software.

Once you have obtained Primavera P6 training, you may be able to gain access to better career opportunities, attain a higher position in your company, or have an increase in your salary. Ultimately, Primavera P6 is like a door to a more successful future.

What do you think is the biggest advantage to Orcale Primavera P6? Comment below and let us know, or if you would like to learn more about the advantages of the software, download our ebook on how you can maximize an investment with Primavera P6.

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