Communication = Key #ALedchat

I participated in my first Twitter Chat this Monday and I was very happy that I joined it. The Twitter Chat was hosted by Jennifer Hogan. It was about the Importance of Good Communication and the hashtag was #ALedchat.

As a college student, it’s important to understand all of the reasons why communicating clearly can go a long way in the future. The chat consisted of 7 questions and I answered based on my past experiences and my values. One of the questions that Jennifer Hogan asked was “How can we improve communication in the workplace?” This question intrigued me because I used to work in the retail industry and it got very frustrating working with people who wouldn’t listen to your suggestions or people who didn’t do the tasks correctly, even though you just explained how it needs to be done. Communication in the workplace is the utmost important thing about working together because at the end of the day we are all working for the same goal and we are all learning. Some of the answers in the chat made me realize things that I didn’t know before such as; sometimes people are going through a struggle and when they communicate to you, it may come off the wrong way, even if that wasn’t their true attention. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can help improve your relationship with that person and understand their point of view better.

Michelle Hill said “Always take the high road! Use etiquette and appropriate language. Be honest, but kind. Look for the win-win!” You’re not always going to want to be nice to people but it’s important to be, it shows character and grace. No one gets anywhere by being rude, mean or angry. It’s important to be proactive not reactive. Values are really important to me because I wouldn’t want to embarrass my family name in any way. I don’t want to look back and have regrets about not communicating properly or communicating in a negative way.

The chat was interesting and the questions made me think about how I want to improve how I communicate with people. Communicating isn’t always going to be easy, you’re going to face challenges but it’s how you overcome those challenges that matters. It’s more than just a conversation, its empathy, honesty and confidence.

The best tips I can give for good communication:

  1. Show compassion
  2. Think about how the message sounds
  3. Be sincere
  4. Don’t sugarcoat things
  5. Communicate often

Communication is the heart of life.