Transitioning a company to remote work takes a culture and mindset shift for every person in the company. The easiest way to transition to successfully work remotely as a distributed team is to work in the open.

What’s ‘working in the open’

Every person’s work should be visible to almost everyone in the company. Companies need to have a Working in the Open practice that is understood across the board. Documentation may be shared may only be shared within teams, the whole company, or publicly.

The principles of working in the open are:

  1. Make work visible — through Kanban boards, documentation wiki, shared folders, dashboards…

For those who are designing long forms that have more than 7 questions, this article is for you. Here is a guide to help you build better long format forms, applications, or information requests.

Making online forms should be more than just taking a paper form and making it digital. Digitising a paper form comes with additional complications that have to be accounted for because some things just don’t directly translate. But the upside of digitising a paper form means that you can add some sweet logic and improve the interaction experience for the person filling it out.

The first…

Accreditron is a communications application designed for any audit-like or due diligence process to collect and share information easily.

We launched Accreditron to an early adopter group in November 2018.

The most exciting update for February 2019 is: You can now create private question sets, and set access for your team!

Accreditron initially launched in the Social and Health Sector. Thus the questions available on the system are related to the 50–80% of general compliance information that an NGO or Charity Provider needs to share regularly with their funding organisations.

There are over 85 different questions from governance to health…

Accreditron is a “multi-stakeholder” software product. When designing Accreditron our team has to think about every little interaction or edge-case. How does someone sign-in? What should be the first thing they see? What happens if we put this button in the bottom-right versus top-left? What if someone tries to click the page 500 times a second?


We’re a company of designers, copy-writers, user-researchers, talkers, and software engineers. We prioritise design, full-stop. Moreover, we think that pleasant and purposeful user experience is a key offering to the stakeholders and users of Accreditron. A stakeholder being someone who has interest in the…

At present social sector provider information is stored all over the place: scattered across many different systems, excel spread sheets, and occasionally still — paper files. Social Service Providers recognise that having all of their organisation information in one place would save them heaps of time and reduce risk for their organisation.

There is a need for accurate provider information which will better enable insights into the social sector.

We’ve held co-design and usability sessions with providers to help design Accreditron. This research has shown that many providers want to show how their services are funded and to tell government…

Paper correspondence via post, phone calls, and emails are all tools that people designed to improve communication. Technology changes influence how we communicate with each other. As a society, we are continuously innovate the ways we interact and discovering new processes to improve our day-to-day lives.

When researching and doing design thinking for Accreditron, our team was confronted with a new challenge: how can an organisation communicate with multiple government agencies and provide up-to-date, adaptive information and documents to the soloed units of government. …

The New Zealand Government invests over $8 Billion a year into the social sector. A large portion of that funding goes to government services and agencies, whilst the rest goes to Social Service Providers (NGO’s and Charities) to deliver services on behalf of government, to New Zealanders in need.

Running a Social Service requires a lot of time, energy, and money to be put towards government interactions and compliance — which could be going to their clients. In February 2017 Accreditron began broadly researching this problem with the help of MSD, searching for pain-points and opportunities.

We conducted over 70…

Ashlyn Baum

Product manager and user experience designer. I consult on product strategy from Wellington, New Zealand.

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