When Life Seems To Be Dealing You The Worst Hand

Life sucks sometimes. It’s a fact. We have so much going on between work and family and school and hobbies and whatever else, that it is amazing we ever have spare time. But we always seem to find it. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat all seem to make a daily appearance in our lives. There’s nothing wrong with these things…they help us stay connected but do we really need to be spending so much time on them?

Food for thought; does it make you feel any better jumping on social media? Or do you log off
thinking about how great everyone else’s lives are and how drab yours is?

Let me give you some personal experience: Our daughter had just been born and I was finally a stay-at-home Mom! This has been my dream since I can’t even remember. But some changes started taking place in my life. My husband and I weren’t as close as we used to because we were focused so much on our bundle of joy. We were being bombarded with financial issues. I was having my own health problems. Our families were either too involved or not enough. And I would get on social media and just cry. My friends were out going to Disneyland and getting new cameras and laptops and perfect grades in their perfect lives. I was sitting here, not remembering when the last time I showered was, crying because I had so many trials and tribulations and just thinking about how life. wasn’t. fair.

Now I’m not telling you this story for the sympathy because whatever my issues are, I will get over them in time. I’m saying; Why do I spend so much time on social media? Why am I comparing myself to friends who are in a completely different stage of their life? Those friends in Disneyland — are single. The new camera? College students. The new laptop — that was the result of some hard earned money. But what do I have? I’m a college graduate, I have a wonderful husband, and a beautiful daughter. I own my own business and get to bake all day just for the heck of it. I have a lot of things. I just needed to stop comparing myself to others in order to see it.

So yes, we are still having financial issues and my husband and I are still working to get closer, but hey my health issues are mostly better and I have a dang cute baby. Life was dealing me a crappy hand there for a second and I even fell into the hole of deep despair for awhile. But it’s getting better. Yes it snowed in the middle of May but gosh dang it I will move somewhere warmer when the time is right.

My dearest friends, just remember that even though everyone else’s life seems to be going just right and yours is off the deep end, it will get better. They have struggles unbeknownst to you and their life isn’t perfect. Heck, they may be looking at your Instagram posts thinking that you have the perfect life and theirs is crap. We don’t know. We can’t judge another cookie by their cutter.

Originally published at iftheshoesparkles.blogspot.com on May 17, 2017.