The Future of Media

Oh, Marshall Mcluhan… ‘The medium is the message’ right?

Well if only he could see the state of media right now. It’s everywhere, and there’s no escape.

That leads me to wonder, where is it heading?

If you’ve seen the Netflix series Black Mirror, the creators seem to have a few ideas. I think they’ve shown the extremes, but that’s not saying there isn’t any truth to the series.

One episode stands out in my mind. It’s called Nosedive and stars Bryce Dallas Howard. In the episode, the world is controlled by people’s phones and generating ‘likes’. Your social status is determined by stranger’s perceptions and interactions with you. In some ways, this has already started to become a reality.

Social media is taking over the current generation. It has changed the way we advertise, communicate, and consume media. I wouldn’t doubt it if it became the only form of communication we used in the future. Radio will be obsolete within the next few years, print will be gone; say goodbye to traditional forms.

I wouldn’t be surprised if social media platforms adapted to host hologram and live-action advertisements. Wouldn’t that be a sight?

I don’t think anyone can truly know where the future of media is heading until it gets there. It’s going to be visual and it’s going to be interactive. That is my prediction.

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