Elitism and Gatekeeping in Leftist Spaces Is Negative, Stop It

Many well-read leftists have a habit of looking down on people who have not read as much theory. If you never got into the Communist Manifesto, they are ready to call you lazy and “ake. However, a lot of communists never read Marx, or Lenin. Even I could not bring myself to read Marx’s writings because it is difficult to comprehend.

Gatekeeping and elitism will shove people away rather than make them want to join. Not everyone is born a full-blown communist who has read all theory known to mankind. Not everyone will grasp large textbook words like “dialectical materialism”. The left should put effort into making material accessible to all people. Not to mention elitism will intersect with ableism. People with learning and cognitive disabilities may not be interested in long essays, books, and pamphlets. People with physical disabilities may not be able to get out and protest.

Social media can be a fun way to dive into political discourse, especially if you are young. It builds a community for people near and far to discuss their similar ideas. There are no local organizations and barely any leftists in my area, so social media gave me an outlet to express myself. Social media gives everyone a platform and voice.

In short, not every leftist is highly educated, neurotypical, and able-bodied. Some of us are autistic, have ADD/ADHD, dyslexic, etc. Stop gatekeeping and be more accommodating to the masses.