Having spent a lot of time learning about JTBD from Bob, I agree with Alan that this is how the…
Atif Raza

Atif Raza Ryan Gamble — I’m interviewing Bob in a few weeks and we’ll be covering a lot of this.

We met several years ago and started a collaboration where he admitted that the current jtbd thinking was too complex and he was seeking simplicity. He does this effortlessly but unless jtbd can be repeatable, it will remain a neat magic trick.

To reiterate my position. I have no skin in the jtbd game. I see my understanding of jtbd as a powerful problem discovery tool which I pair with a solution validation to teach the Continuous Innovation Framework. The CI Framework can be used to discover/test opportunities like Uber — not in hindsight but foresight.

I want to give attribution where it’s due but if my model doesn’t align with what people generally agree is jtbd, I’ll call it something else ;-)