Chris Cochella

Hi Chris Cochella

We sometimes call the latent jtbd the non-consumption market because it seems like people aren’t taking action…when in fact, they aren’t taking action because they are getting stuck moving up the consideration process.

Blue ocean strategy offers up many examples of this scenrio — like creating a yellowtail wine for non-wine/beer drinkers.

The answer to how you uncover these is through customer discovery interviews.

Could you elaborate more on the reconfiguration of the customer factory part? The customer factory is constantly being reconfigured as a product moves from early adopters to mainstream customers… but I want to make sure I understand your question better.

The Goldilocks problem of the bigger context is a challenge but yes I recommend getting at least to a desired outcome (emotional benefit) and still exploring upwards during discovery. As an innovator, you then have to scope the level or levels in which you operate. I think there’s more to explore here… The message I wanted to start with is: Get out of your solution context.