Thanks for the response.
Alan Klement

So if I follow your reasoning above, one couldn’t have created an Uber or an iPod with JTBD research methods. You would formulate a theory (guess) and then build/test that. Is that correct?

I’ll ask a different question on naming — because naming matters:

People who happily use taxis, have no Job to be Done.

Why is that? If I look at the textbook definition of a job, I can’t find any variant of a definition that would make the sentence above make sense.

Your definition of a job to be done is a “why people make the first hire or switch” — “a first hire or switch to be done”.

Why not just call it that?

An acronym that redefines one it’s key words isn’t very intuitive. It would make the 2,000+ word blog posts and debate on what is a jtbd a lot shorter.