Pirate Summit. It’s Crazy!!

This blog is jointly written by Marta Woj, Waclaw Zalewski and me. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it :)

Going to the Pirate Summit, was definitely one of the most enriching experience for us at Teamlens. Not only we had the privilege to mingle with some of the most influential minds in the tech industry, but at the same time had lots of fun in doing so! #arrr!

The Teamlens crew ;)

Our top moments from Pirate Summit 2016:

  • Train to Cologne: Holy-Moly! We have a direct train connection between Poznań & Cologne! It’s an overnight train ride, quite comfortable i.e, if you’re not the tallest person around ;)
  • Cologne & Odonien: Couldn’t have asked for a better venue for such a crazy conference like Pirate Summit. Odonien was wicked, mysterious and sometimes totally random (especially the bathroom arrangements). 
    Speaking of Cologne, honestly we didn’t have much of an idea before we actually got there. As, we stepped outside the Railway Station we were greeted by the Cologne cathedral, which btw was totally unexpected! It’s definitely a very pleasant city and worth visiting for a couple of days.
  • Casual atmosphere: It was not your typical startup conference and that’s for sure! There was never a dull moment and you could just walk to anyone and start a conversation with or without a beer ;)
  • Amazing Crew: Kudos to the #piratesummit crew. You guys rocked the show! The enthusiasm and friendliness were there to see :)
The Amazing crew!
  • Catering: There was plenty to eat and drink for everyone, even for vegetarians. The quality was top notch and there was plenty of Red Bull to keep you going ;)
  • Burning Pirate: Possibly the highlight of the entire event was the epic Pirate burning saga, it was true to the entrepreneurial spirit and for sure warmed our hearts! 
    P.S. Great job Manuel Koelman! That was one heck of a speech! Quite evident the next day ;)
  • Man with the Golden Suite: Arguably the best dressed person at the summit! Thank you for all the lighter moments ;)
  • Engaging Talks: Almost every talk and discussion we witnessed were of great value! Be it the Crow’s Nest, Captain’s Deck or Engine Room, all 3 tracks were just amazing.
  • Stavros Messinis your motivational talk on a refugee’s joinery to Europe definitely gave us a different perspective on the immigration crisis.

Some of our favourite talks from this year’s summit:

  • Vincent Dignan absolutely rocked the stage, dropping TONS of knowledge and useful tips on growth hacking, making the crowd burst in laughs multiple times. No better way to display expertise.
  • When I headed for the speech titled ‘From 0 to 75 million users’, I somehow expected to witness another bland presentation of general good practices like work hard or stay focused. Boy, was I wrong. In what has to be described as a high point of the summit, Prezi’s Peter Halacsy unveiled a personal story that gripped you from the start and never let go, leaving you thinking whether you really take full advantage of your talents and opportunities.
  • LeanIX, an eventual winner of the ‘Walk the Plank’ competition, brought a solution to an oftenly overlooked and dormant, yet costly problem. Couple that with a yet untapped but vast market and you have a recipe for success.
  • I was impressed by Athlenda, a platform connecting scouts and athletes and the passion of its founder, former basketball player Lazaros Papadopoulos. Athlenda seems to be great way to match the power of the Internet and the athletes’ natural drive the showcase their talents.
  • How to make tedious toothbrushing more appealing to kids? Ask Playbrush, a great way to gamify cleaning teeth by a smart upgrade to your regular toothbrush connected to a mobile device.
  • Reparando wowed the crowd by Till Kratochwill’s native pirate accent and a convenient solution to a problem every smartphone user will have to face at some point. I wish they were around when I crashed my screen to splinters!

And finally the “Do and dont’s” short guide that might be helpful:

  • Well, first of all, do bring your business card. It seriously helps. While attending any summit you’re gonna meet so many people it is hard to remember all of them. And believe us, each and everyone we met have this significant something that will be remembered for long. (Cheers Gals and Gyus! Hope to see you all soon!)
  • Secondly, do also bring your mobile charger. You’re gonna need your device for example to check the agenda, map, connect with the people you met or post news via Social Media channels. For sure you don’t want to run out of juice before the end of the day and make your ‘right hand’ dead.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Believe us, conference is not a catwalk. You’re not gonna feel absolutely chilled if your shirt is too tight, your heels are too high or your skirt is too creased. Instead of having fun, gaining knowledge and networking you’ll end up sadly tired and frustrated.
  • Last but not least, do you consider yourself as a shy person who finds networking hard? Well, it’s perfectly ok, not everyone is a social beast. If you don’t want to stay in the shadow prepare a short introductory small talk you can use. Simple ‘Hey, how are you’ or “How do you like here” is ok. Try to figure out something engaging. You can for example surprise someone by asking him/her for a coffee/beer, believe us, it works :-)

I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures at #piratesummit2016 and maybe see you next year? ;)

We would love to hear your #Arrr! moments from your Pirate Summit experience!