This Is Your Life in Silicon Valley
Sunil Rajaraman

I really hope this is a spoof post :) But if not — I usually never comment on public posts. But come on guys, can we stop painting such a ridiculous caricature of Silicon Valley all the freakin’ time? And stop generalizing? Yes, there are people like this here, and my 2 cents? They would be like this anywhere they lived/worked. It’s about attitudes IMHO. But there are plenty of us in amazing tech careers, rising thru the ranks (or founding companies, or both), making money et al (yeah, sounds like that is this character’s dream) *and making choices in a mature way*, *having real friends*, *separating work dinners and personal dinners* (I have plenty of friends who are food enthusiasts and know that a lot of the best food is in hole-in-the-wall $-rated places), *know when to call BS from someone who calls themselves VP of Awesomeness*, *finding time to make a difference e.g. via volunteering or spending time with kids or whatever your priority is*, *actually shop for groceries and cook*, *enjoy Bay Area hikes, not just the 280 setting sun*. Anywhere you live/work, you will have to make the choice of where you will spend the money you earn — housing, travel, family, fancy dinners, whatever. So seriously… if this “Silicon Valley character” is not doing all of these things, then perhaps it is their priorities and attitude that need a revisit — let’s not lump all of Silicon Valley in this bubble. There are a lot of people here who do actually consider it “home” — they are just too busy “succeeding awesomely” and “having a life” to write on Medium/FB/Twitter. Thanks!