The perfect wedding story

A story about two people who couldn’t be more perfect for each other

I have always wanted to write short snippets from the ongoings of my life and thought this might be a lovely way to start. A very close friend of mine is soon getting married. Lets call her V (though you probably know her name already).

A little about V…

V is possibly the goofiest braveheart I’ve come across. When you meet her for the first time, you will feel like you’ve met someone who’s wise beyond her years. She will enamour you for hours with beautiful conversation about the complex human mind. She will draw wonderful comparisons of your past experiences and conditioning to you present reactions. She will talk about eating strange food in an attempt to shed some weight and blame it on Ayurveda. She will give you long discourses about vegetarianism but in the same breath order shrimp fried rice and relish every little bite. V is easily one of the most colourful personalities I’ve met in my life. She’s fiercely loyal and is always surrounded by people who love her so much.

V met L- and that was the start of a whirlwind romance. Their relationship has been the perfect example of a tornado with excitement and deep love gushing through every crevice.


So when they asked me to design their wedding invitation card, I was more than honoured. I have witnessed these two mad-hatters separately and together and I can’t think of two people more perfect for each other. I hope their lives are full of colour and craziness that best define the two of them.

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