Emerald Bay

Why I feel the need to travel every month?

“Inspiration Is for Amateurs — The Rest of Us Just Show Up and Get to Work”
— Chuck Close

For someone who identifies with Chuck Close’s lack of a painter’s block, this quote is golden. I crave routine, lists and organization. My ideal days are those where I wake up, have my space clean, my meals home cooked and my work broken up into little tasks with timely breaks and of course some reading and sketching. I can go on living my life this way.

And she’s awake… Suddenly

Every fortnight I realize I need to break out. I feel stifled. I feel like an amateur falling into a vortex of monotony and routine. I stop identifying with myself.

And that’s when I need to pack my bags and do the exact opposite of what I do on a daily basis. Get away from the city. Close my books. Close my fudging laptop and just be.

Notice every shade of green on every leaf of every tree until I’m in a green trance. Walk so many steps that I can’t feel my legs any longer. And then continue walking some more. Get every part of my arms, legs and face gritty with wet mud trying to setup a temporary home against the fury of nature.

I need that inspiration. To take my back to my beloved routine.