3 Ways The Sun Affects Our Work

The Sun is the brightest star of the solar system. It is amazing and it can control our work schedule without us realizing or giving much importance to this phenomenon which happens daily in our lives.

How does The Sun do this?

  1. The Sun can wake up our internal compass to tell ourselves that it is “day time” now. This internal compass is much complex than just notifying us its day time, it affects how we go by our intuitive direction for the day / week / month.
  2. The Sun brings our natural rhythm back which is important to operate at an amazing human speed, even if that means working with excel spreadsheets or Google docs. Just like Earth has its magnetic field, humans have human shield named “Pineal Gland” which in ancient culture known as “Prana” (East Indian culture) or the magnetic grid of our body. The “Pineal Gland” sits exactly middle of your forehead, above your eyebrows. If you wear work glasses its in middle 1/2 inch above where you wear your glasses. If your “Pineal Gland” is out of balance, you will most likely get ill.
  3. The Sun can increase your energy level if you start gazing at Sun during Dawn and Dusk times preferably an hour during sunrise or sunset, as this time the sun rays are rising / diminishing. But most of us don’t have much time to do this, even fifteen minutes of doing this improves our energy levels. Note: It is not recommended to directly look at the sun for longer during afternoon hours.

On top of all this the Sun can help us save on electricity bills. May be this post will inspire to you to open up the blinds at your office or open the window, feel the sunlight. Because when Sunlight hits the eyes you connect directly with the universe. You’ll be surprised at your body reactions if you haven't done this in a while, this will give you a good sense why you need this light. So get some Sun (but not too much).

Word of caution: wear sunglasses or sunscreen lotion if the sun hits your skin for longer period. My advice is to get 15 minutes of sun not more than that, as it is has harmful effects as well.

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