Oscar Nominee # 5 : Hell or High Water

Hollywood films on ‘Western' genre are well known for their intricate stories, stunning visuals, catchy music and raw treatment. So it is only natural that you expect all these elements in ample amount from an Oscar nominated neo-Western film. But when you don’t get a feel of all these elements in adequate quantities, you feel slightly disappointed.

‘Hell or High Water' has a simple storyline for a Western film. It’s a story of two brothers robbing banks and two cops on the chase. Treatment of the the story was fine with a good screenplay. Yet you tend to wonder as to why this film got nominated in the first place. The Academy’s choices can be strange at times and I am at a loss to explain the rationale behind this film’s nomination.

If there’s something that is really good and worth mentioning in this film, it’s the acting performances of its lead actors. Jeff Bridges shines in his role as the ranger who’s nearing retirement and has rightfully earned a nomination for his acting. Chris Pine and Ben Foster have done well in their respective roles. But apart from these, there’s little else that’s worth mentioning in this film. Blame it on the excellent music that I am used to hearing in Western movies, even the music in this film was not appealing by any measure.

Overall, ‘Hell or High Water' leaves you a tad disappointed like an unfulfilling meal, especially when you consider the fact that this film is vying for the Best Picture award at the Oscars.

My rating: 7.25/10.