Model: Ash Marx — Photo by Myranda Grulke

When you’re raw, you allow life to carve intimate moments out of your own soul and take them for souvenirs of your time.

Rawness leads to expression.

This forceful shove towards the phenomenon called gravity that we try so hard to defy,

But remember that we will never be able to fly as long as we are bounded by this earth and these eyes.

These eyes that intrigue us.

They’ll convince you to shatter yourself into one million pieces so that they may rummage through what’s left of you and choose the shard of your beating heart that makes them feel the most powerful,

before they leave with it.

They always leave, those eyes.

It’s hauntingly beautiful, that so few of the billions of eyes wandering this earth will ever be brave enough to peer deeply through the golden hue of my own, and uncover the meditative attraction, the deeply intuitive connection, the core.

My core.

My core, which reflects every hue God left for me in this galaxy, hoping just the right hint of amber could captivate another’s eyes, and maybe someone could love the dance of a dandelion as much as I do.

Maybe one day, someone will carve their initials into my bones and pour light inside, where no one else has been able to see before.

To see that there’s so much more beneath this skin than what I’ve already given away.

Founded on resilience -

We were created to endure imperfection.

They say the loveliest people have been shattered

But very few eyes have a taste for the abstract.

Even shattered, we should never be afraid to love.

We are artists

locked inside of a world that’s been shaded in black and white,

yet preaches in gray.

Tonight, as the moon paints me silver,

I will remember what a soul feels like.

It must taste like hope.

Because hope,

Is all I can taste, at the end

of this glass.