Why You Should Live Tweet Your Period

Originally posted on my blog about six months ago.

I became aware of the most epic hashtag of all time today and we need to talk about it: #LiveTweetYourPeriod.


Periods suck. Like they really suck. They hurt, they inconvenience, and goddamn it they sometimes stain. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about them. It’s something that happens to every woman every month for about a week for most of her life and for some reason we’ve been taught to hide it and not discuss it (except for the random Always Infinity pad commercials with blue liquid?). Shoutout to all ma ladies who quickly slipped a tampon in their boot or up their sleeve from their bag in high school and hastened to the bathroom to take care of biz so that no one would see you walking with a tampon in your hand — I’ve been there. I don’t know why we hide it. It’s way nastier watching a guy walk to the bathroom with a role of toilet paper in his hand because that only means one thing *insert sh!t emoji*.

We still have so much to do, but we’ve definitely made strides since my grandmother’s adolescent years. I remember her telling me that when she first got her period she thought she was dying. No one had ever really explained to her what happens when a girl matures, it just wasn’t proper. When it happened she thought she had internal bleeding or something nuts, hence the presumption of her imminent death. So, in comparison to that, the fact that #LiveTweetYourPeriod is a trending (and hilarious) hashtag on Twitter right now is pretty awesome. It’s especially awesome because women are friggin’ owning those 5–7 sh!tty days of each month and all the monstrosities that occur when your hormones and ovaries have a mind of their own.

This hashtag is about real women and empowering them. If women can deal with the havoc that time-of-month wreaks on their bodies then the rest of the world can handle hearing about it.

But seriously, go read the hashtag stream. You see what I did there, eh? Yes, I’m gross and yes, I’m Canadian. *Drops mic*

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