Faster Fene: A New Dawn for Marathi Cinema

Aashish Nehete
2 min readNov 12, 2017

I by no means claim to be a film critic, especially of the Marathi cinema. I’m only able to write this post, about this movie, is because I was born in a Marathi speaking family.

Marathi — a language spoken by around 75 million people worldwide; has its own film industry to boast of. And the newest addition to this list is: Faster Fene.

Movie Poster for Faster Fene

A simple story of a murder, a budding detective, and an unforgettable villain. The premise or the genre is nothing new to the world, but what sets this movie apart from the rest is its beautiful plot, well developed characters and above all, outstanding acting from all the actors.

Taking a moment out to talk about the essence of the story: the villain. Phenomenal portrayal of Appa by Girish Kulkarni compels the viewers to stand in awe. They say, the story is as strong as its antagonist and this movie proves it right. Along with Amey Wagh as the protagonist detective Banesh Fene, completes the whole frame.

As I said I’m not a critic, and neither am I here to criticise the movie. So why am I writing this post? And more importantly, why am I writing about a Marathi movie in English?

Because that’s the language of my intended audience. A Maharashtrian may not need more than the trailer to encourage him to watch this movie, but I can’t stand the non-Marathi speakers missing out on such a gem.

This generation tries to transcend the boundaries of language as often as it can. For example, quite recently there has developed a trend of watching acclaimed foreign language movies. I, myself, have caught this bug and it has opened my eyes to the many cultures of this world. So why not you?

Faster Fene can be counted as one of those “acclaimed foreign language” movies not only as eye-opener for my culture, but also as a 2 hour entertainer. This may be the first time a “commercial” movie has gained such renown and can be recommended to non-speakers of Marathi.

So what are you waiting for? Go online, book a ticket and sit through the 2 hours and I promise you will not be disappointed. PS: Obviously there are subtitles.

Faster Fene Trailer



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