What is a significance of Panch Meva in Indian religion and daily life?

Panch Meva is a combination of five dry fruits. The word ‘Panch’ means five and ‘Meva’ means dry fruits. These are also related with panch tatva like Suraj, Chandrama, Jal, Agni and Vaayu. These five types of dry fruits used as offering in pooja thali during the fast or worship. It mainly includes almond, raisins, dry coconut, makhana and dry dates. They are especially made for the purpose of hawan or pooja or during the varat. These are also good for your health benefits as they provide us a lot of energy. As Panch Tatra are very necessary for our survival and success, like this Panch meva is also necessary to make our worship and pooja successful. Let’s see the Panch Meva in detail.


Almonds are considered as the most loved nut since ancient times. They are loaded with anti-oxidants. A small handful amount of almonds contains 161 calories with is equal to more than 2 bananas. They can also assist with blood sugar because almonds are mainly low in carbs but high in healthy fats, fiber and protein.


Raisins contain more nutrition than their small size might indicate. When the grapes are dehydrated, the nutrients become more concentrated, hence making a handful of raisins is richer in vitamin B, iron and potassium. They are also good source of carbohydrates which is a necessary element for the energy. The devotees, who are on fast, must consume raisins because it gives a lot of instant energy.

Dry coconut

Dried coconut often goes under rated when compared to other dry fruits. However, it is interesting to know that the dry coconut contains exceptionally high nutritional value. A single ounce of dried coconut gives 185 calories. Dry coconut also help in better brain functioning. It prevents us from anemia and helps to lower down blood cholesterol level.


Makhana is popular as fasting food. The benefits of makhana are superior to almonds and walnuts. It is a complete source of protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. Makhanas are also recommended for the diabetic patients. Those who are weight conscious must eat makhanas because it is an idle snack for weight loss.


Eating dates on fast have spiritual as well as scientific reasons. They contain natural sugars, which is directly converted into energy as compared to any other food item. Dates are rich in fibre which prevents us from constipation.

So these are the Panch Meva that we use during fast or worship because during fast, our body gets weekend and cannot digest the complex meal immediately. Hence these five dry fruits are consumed for better digestion. Dry fruits are also considered as the purest nuts on earth, that’s why they are also spiritually connected. These Panch Meva are available online at Ashoka Dry fruits. You can buy dry fruits online at cheap price. We provide you the premium quality dry fruits with attractive packaging. Dry fruits gift boxes are also available. We are the leading dry fruits seller in Delhi. These dry fruits are available at very affordable cost. You can also visit our store at Tilak Nagar and Dwarka.

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