I’ve recently got chance of exploring Azure Web app and was surprised how simple and useful the Web apps and App service plans are. But the only down side being not so great documentation which are mostly interlinked articles.

Azure web apps are Platform As A Service(PAAS), what it means to us is it provides few features(like auto scaling) out of the box. (click here to know more what web apps).Linux Web apps are based on Docker containers making deployments simple.

Here is the quick tutorial for the complete setup in Azure. For this tutorial I’ve used the Azure cli commands, also you can use azure portal to achieve the same. …

Redux is a predictable state container with its roots from the flux architecture. In Redux, all data is made available at one place(single source of truth), so designing the state fairly well will help to scale.

Historically we’ve all used different flavors of MVC patterns that prefer nesting data to normalization. It suits well in the case of MVC, where the data is distributed across models which are represented by respective views. With the same mindset, it feels comfortable to follow the same pattern even with the Redux. At any moment if it feels more effort is needed to do trivial tasks in Redux, we would end up with the solution similar to normalizing the state, which I was not so comfortable. …

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A Class should be responsible only for handling any one kind of responsibility.Unnecessary code should be moved to another Class(if necessary).

If you are making changes to the same Class for different type of requirements you are doing it wrong.

Code should be open for extension and closed for modification.

You should be able to modify the functionality with out touching the old source code,which can be achieved by making Code extendable.

Consider typical example of calculating area of different shapes. Implementation based on this rule would be maintaining a interface with all contracts and implementing interface for each type of shape.This …



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