It’s time for Solar to empower the world


Sun has the very high potential to supply energy for all of us. Though solar is very costly at earlier times due to the technology development it has become very cheaper . It will become even more cheaper than fossil fuel . For sure it will create a revolution in the field of future energy generation . First thermal power plant was built in 1882 and first solar cell was created in 1883 . It is very clear that solar had its beginning in 19th century . The power produced by solar cell at that time was very minimal

Bell labs demonstrated the first practical silicon solar cell in 1954 . After that very soon solar panels where used in satellite and space craft . Oil crisis that occurred in 1970’s , scarcity of fossil fuel and rising gas prices have gave a good start to solar power .

Richard Swanson founded his solar power company in 1985 . He was well known for law that bears his name .

Swanson’s law states that solar panel prices will decline by 20% every time the capacity of solar industry double .

In simple words, If the production is high the price gets cheaper and cheaper . It’s very clearly seen the recent years . A very more reduction of a price and panels can be seen in 2020 . The fame about the solar power is spreading around the globe . World grid parity is point at which the cost of an energy source become equal to or less than localized cost of electricity .

Government of India is trying to reduce the usage of fossil fuels and it started promoting renewable source of energy like solar , wind etc…

Germany became one of the first country in the world to search grid parity with solar power it is to be noted that Germany is not known for its sunny weather, Heavy investment in solar power led to grid parity there . Currently 20 US states are grid parity for solar power . 22 more states are expected to reach the goal by 2020 .

A little fossil fuel should be burnt to generate electricity that fill the gap that solar couldn't produce at times .

Time has arrived for the promotion and use of renewable power . Population need not depend on the thermal power plants . Solar panels can be made to set up right where the electricity is needed on the roof tops , roads etc… Individuals own solar power plants where they can produce and sell their electricity or they can generate electricity for themselves or even sell excess back to grid . This is especially useful in disaster areas or regions of the world with deteriorating power grid or grid at all where people might have no other way of obtaining reliable electricity .

Regardless of national boundaries and geography , Solar power could not only empower the citizen of developed countries to take charge of their own energy generation . It could allow millions of people on this play .

Even Nuclear energy doesn't hold the same potential energy reserve as our sun . Sun is a working fusion reactor in the sky providing the energy we need .

We will never be able to totally avoid fossil fuel not in short term anyway . Solar power is the only energy option at our disposal that promises to give us very clean energy .