What changed the perspective of MY LIFE?

There are many things that changed my perspective of life in 2016. Of course it includes suggestions, tips and perspectives of their life from friends, family, seniors and juniors from colleges and all other people who are in all walks of my life. Apart from this it includes BOOKs!! Yes the Books played a major role.

It gives me the perspectives from the person whom i never know. There are many books I read in the past year but some changed perspective for my life completely.

  1. The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen

This book gave me a new perspective for viewing the business. It tells a lot about the opportunities for the first entrant in the market. The author tells a lot about the history of technology and how the first entrant with promising technology capture the market and the pioneer in a field losses the market the new incumbents.

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Kiyosaki, Robert T.

This one give me fresh look for the financial matters in life. One of the famous lines in the life is

If you construct a home with EMI its not your asset, It’s bank’s asset not yours.

This one teaches a lot of the importance of the financial intelligence. The negatives about debt and liabilities.

3. The New Earth by Tolle, Eckhart

Our most of the life is controlled by emotions. Even some of the decisions take due to emotion which could get us wrong. This book tell you a lot about how to control and identify the emotions and destroy it. If you are the one who get emotional frequently i strongly suggest you to read the book. The books has its positivity all over it.

4. The UnderCover Economist by Harford, Tim

Some says that economics is a boring subject. If you think it is then i suggest you to read this book. One of the best quotes about the economics is

If you are unemployed study economics, at least you will know why!!”

This books tell a lot about why the coffee is costly in airport than normal places. And why the traffic also contributes to the economic

5. Zero to One by Peter Thiel

This is the holy book for every entrepreneur out here. It gives in detail about the startups and its evolving stages. It tells a lot about the challenges of the future. Starting up business,Evolving stages of it and also Monopoly in the business and also founders paradox.

At last I want to thank Mr. Chetan Bhagat who made me to read books. Yes its Chetan Bhagat not some other. Many says that his work is crap. But he is the ones who changed the view about books and how reading is important.