5 Ways to Make Money Online

You could be reading the title right for the 100th time!

But this article has got some new stuff to keep moving in 2017!

I always day dream about side income and wanted to make some big money. Here are the simple guides if you are a beginner, just follow these suggestions to start making money online. Choose a marketplace where you can get more jobs (freelancer.com), develop one skill and repeat it until you get success. Link your PayPal account or have a bank account linked before starting to make money online. Confidence is the key to success.

What are the top 5 ways to make money online?

Writing Articles

One of the best skill to learn and if you want to be a freelancer, you should start writing every day. Writing is like going to gym and if you write daily, your writing muscle gets improved. Take more time to edit than to write, if I write for 10 minutes then I edit for 20 minutes. Hit publish only when you are satisfied with your content.

Web development

This is very popular skill to learn, there are lots of material out there where you can learn for free from YouTube (I recommend the freecodecamp and the traversy media). Css, html5 and WordPress are excellent skills to master. Find how you can learn in less time than reading the whole stuff. With the increase of drop-shipping and e-commerce sites, there is an amazing opportunity ahead for web developers in the near future and you can make recurring income every month.

App Development Using React Native

Imagine a smoother UI, faster viewing and writing codes easily for Android and IOS. What’s the good news is that the project is done by Facebook. This would get wider audience within short period of time. Just learn React Native write for web and mobile in one time. Recently I heard a podcast about react native on softwareengineering daily and it was just wow. So start learning React Native, head to udemy if you want to learn about this and be ahead of the crowd.

Creating Tutorials

If you have learnt a skill and you feel confident, then teach others. You can start with YouTube to teach others and slowly move on to the premium websites and publish a book. Kindle publishing is an amazing online business and you can make sales around the world just by publishing your book to amazon kdp. If you want to make money then solve the problem that a huge crowd is facing and that’s a good way to make money.

Stock trading

Make money in your leisure time by trading stocks. If you have a plan, you aren’t gambling with stocks. This is the easiest way to make money online, I believe in a systematic approach like warren buffett. Be a stock investor, there are best guides out there. I started about stock trading from different books and videos on YouTube. I believe in money management and ways to improve the finances over time, if you want to learn more then try www.disciplined.trade

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