How to complete your pending tasks?

Weekend is always fun but not for you and me. We have a lot of pending tasks to do, I want to watch movies but I am working. I want to play outside but I am still working and I want to cook and be happy, but still I work on Sunday to complete these pending tasks. What were you doing in the whole week? You would ask me..

I was procrastinating to do it during the weekend. Pending tasks are a burden and I don’t feel like working again…Now it’s Friday and I am planning to postpone it again. That’s BS

Avoid your time on relaxation and too much TV can spoil you. How to get back on track? Work on the easy stuff and take 10 minutes break. Start with the simple task and reward yourself every 20 minutes. It’s tough but if you want good results, you must do it. That’s the pomodoro technique in short and it’s pain in short term while rewarding in the long run.

Another best way to complete your pending work is to reward with the best things you love. Take 20 minutes break after each task to watch a YouTube video and that’s my treat. I always watch the talks of Gary Vaynerchuk , one of the most inspiring personality. It’s time to get motivated when you are idle and it’s making the next day best. Some things takes time to happen and at-least you are back on track. so stop worrying and start doing, no matter how small it can be…

Deliver the best work and reach there no matter how, Success is determined by small steps that we take daily

How to complete your pending tasks?

  1. Follow pomodoro technique
  2. Watch Inspiration talks on YouTube

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