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It was tough for me to switch from WordPress or blogger. I want to write daily and in the past one month, things have changed a lot after signing up on medium.I get to learn the latest stuff in coding from freeCodeCamp. It is amazing publication that I came across and informative.

I love the writings of Benjamin Hardy and truly inspired from the idea of plumber to web development by Rick West

Medium has motivated me to write every single day. Get greedy for knowledge and that’s the only way to improve yourself every month.

I also used medium in a way to promote my own wordpress blog. This article would be for other website owners to improve their traffic and help serving others better. Medium would become the best platform for companies within few years, the best content gets more followers.

Stop using the WordPress plugin for medium, because it doesn't include the link to your original post and you are missing the link. Don’t get shy to include your original link and affiliate link as well. Recently I made affiliate sale here on medium and I got 12$, its fantastic by selling udemy course through linkshare

The more I help people, the better I get. Balance between branding & direct approach to sell or promote.

I read more than what I write daily. I read 10 articles and write one post having 500 words. It’s my daily schedule to complete one post and one video on YouTube. My favorite ones are self help, passive income and I want to be learning more about coding soon. I keep sharing all the posts that I read, it takes just 15 minutes to share 10 posts and read them as well. Sharing is caring and add the best writers on medium, just follow more people.

Create valuable content and people would love it. One of my post got 300 views and it made my day. Thanks to Thrive Global for bringing the best in writing from around the globe. The more you create valuable content, you would get traffic for life time. I also started on teespring to sell T-shirts, which is awesome!

Share on Facebook group, twitter and Reddit. Share it as and when you get time. Start with your blog, connect with medium and keep sharing it on Facebook, twitter and Reddit. Connect medium blog to Facebook, twitter and Reddit to automate posts. Review your traffic end of each month and if you feel that some posts are valuable and deserve more viewers and people can find what they want, then try buying ads. Not more than one ad per month.

Key points

  1. Publish your original post through the Import option
  2. Add more followers and share more daily.
  3. Share your work on Fb, twitter and Reddit
  4. Create more valuable content.

That’s a good way to connect all your networks. Stop procrastinating and getting shy to post your first article, keep up the motivation and hit the publish button now .

your blog — -> medium blog → automate posts

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