Keep creating videos on YouTube

Blogging is amazing and still it is but if you start vlogging then you will even more amazed.This is something you shouldn’t miss and I learnt from different vloggers out there. You are interacting more than you are thinking when you make a video, the information sharing is awesome.

Lot of people still believe that they can’t start from scratch and can’t post the video on YouTube. It’s tough , it’s boring and I am not going to do it! Doing a task is like hitting the gym, you feel bored for the first few days and if you put in practice then you are going to do it with passion and you get interested with it.

Age is not a factor to quit and you can do it. Just have that confidence, build your confidence each day and you will feel awesome after 12 months. The YouTube may get less attention but still do it for yourself because it is going to improve for a richer life with teaching others.

Just keep pushing yourself and keep learning !

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