Podcast is the new attention grabber marketing tool

Due to the increase in the e-commerce sites, there is a need for marketing your product and what would be the best way to sell your product? The answer is podcast and its simple. In 2030, everyone would be starting their own website and sell stuff online. Each one of us would represent a brand and selling online will be easier like sending a tweet or watching news-feed on Facebook. There will be a need for better marketing strategies and so you must start to podcast in your website.

It is always good to start something early when it is in the booming stage, good to have an alternate marketing plan. There are many success stories of using podcast to increase the website visitors .The visitor gets to hear the voice of the entrepreneur which is a plus to break the comfort zone and make someone buy quick. When you want to sell something to someone, you need to build that trust first.

It takes less time to hear a podcast and the entrepreneur can make additional income by selling it on iTunes. People can listen while they are travelling and it saves time from reading or downloading the PDF. However it’s important to include the transcript, so that people can read and listen at the same time.

I found Pat Flynn course on podcast very interesting, check his website below

Instead of writing an advice, it takes less time to speak to your visitors. Voice gives more trust and it’s easy to grab someone’s attention in no time. YouTube videos are also good but people can’t multitask, they need to sit and watch. Podcast is the new trend and you must give a try. We loved the 80s radio and this is the new version based on the demand. Gaining your followers by podcast is another new way to market your product .

In 2017, podcast is the new blog and in the coming years it’s the new vlog. To stay in business, you need to create podcast each day. Try something new each day and build your audience.Podcast is straight to the point and delivers what people want, we need to always deliver what everyone likes. Marketing is bridging the gap between demand and supply. This is the clear cut method.

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Podcast is the easiest way to tell something to someone. Instead of writing eBooks and sending emails , podcast would be the best option. In some cases there is a need for both writing and audio as well. Another best thing is people can hear you while they travel in a car using car-play. The thing why we fail most is we concentrate on the money part and hold back from delivering the best.

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