The time is right to make a sale

If want to market your product to large masses, then try these steps.Add gimmicks to a product and people think its worth the money. Say I attend a webinar and its worth 1000$, people wouldn’t buy and when they make a discount, people quickly jump. People love freebies and that includes me too. I have a technique and popularly used by many e-commerce website owners and it’s called the end of year selling. Discount your product to 40 percent lower and sell it. Most sales happen during December and you should start one too.

Create more value and you don’t want to turn down a customer. I cant do this and that, never miss an opportunity to sell. Value each customer and do respect, that’s where your money comes from.Its awesome and never fear for tomorrow about the sales or finances, just do it. If you are an online seller, follow to make end of year sale with products or e-books or services at 40 percent off. If you put 60 percent off, people won’t think it’s worth.

40 percent is excellent and plan every year. Have a wordpress site to showcase your work, broadcast on YouTube , blog , Instagram, Facebook etc.. This is the time you would get your best customers and if they think the price is high, give them a low price and never convincing the customer from buying.

I found an easy way to build your customers and that is fb messenger. Chatting is the best option available out there and chatting is friendly. You need to flirt to sell something (not actually), build the trust I mean.

Fb messenger can be added to your site or in your email post or blog post. If anyone wants to contact you, they can just ping you back. It’s easy and quick, no more writing emails and boring stuff. This week, i learnt about Manychat and they help you to send bulk messages to your subscribers. It works in the same way as your customers and its easy. I have this video uploaded on YouTube, give a try.

Another way to improve the conversion is sending direct SMS to their phones. If you do it daily, people would be annoyed but use it to send messages every month and that’s 12 in a year. Use the end of the sale promotions to buy something from you, send bulk SMS and its worthy.

If you want to be successful, you have to be confident and it comes from practice. If you look at people who failed they didn’t have confidence to do better. They didn’t practice well enough to be successful; it’s all about having a happy mind. Practice makes a skill perfect and you must do with confidence every single day.

People are focusing about their dreams in the future about buying a big house, marrying a rich girl, living a happy life but they think to do all at the same time and nothing works out in their favor. You can’t achieve all this without having confidence in yourself, which is the key to success.

Having confidence brings you the new side of you. Success is never determined by just your grade or richness.

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