Tinder like apps are getting more demand..

What do you think of dating? It is good to meet someone online?Back in the 90’s if you are dating online, it was considered as a strange thing . People would make awkward faces at you (LOL)

I met a friend of mine and told her , I am a digital marketer. She wasn’t sure about what it is about? She started to make that awkward face. I thought i ain’t dating online but working on digital marketing! This is the new age approach to marketing. In 70’s there was radio, newspaper and TV. Now it’s podcast, blog and YouTube marketing to sell your service or product anywhere to anyone. The more you promote your service or product, you get the sales in the short time! Your audience is wide and you get customers from around the world.

It took a long time to explain it to her and I suggested an online course to her about digital marketing to study for the next week.

Coming back to the tinder topic, why does tinder app get more app downloads. Online dating is now a trend, because no one gets time to meet the someone at a park or in a movie theater or during vacation because no one takes a vacation break. Identify something that has more demand than supply, do the market research and you can build that new app or product. Find the demand and you supply them, solve the problem of million people and you are rich!

Create the awesome content to succeed, to get wider audience , to make more money..

Enough said, I close my tinder app and order food from Uber Eats…

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