We Live in the Sharing Economy.. What Next?

There is a lot of stuffs that sit idle, like your bicycle or your car or any other electronic gadget. Sharing is caring and we live in the world of sharing economy. It helps the demand meet supply and the problem is solved. Look at Uber, people thought how am I going to get a cab? It’s tough to get a cab on Monday morning and the fares are higher back in 2009. Then Uber solved the problem of billion people.

Every idea is tough ,because it’s new and you are not used to it. This is the first time you are trying to use , you will get addicted to it. This can take time from months to years, Airbnb launched their product five times before they became success. It takes time but definitely hard work is going to pay off and get you rewards.

What’s the point of this article? Well you are going to find what’s next?

Imagine a computer in every home, if you don’t have laptop connected to an internet connection then probably you wont be reading this.A computer and internet connection is what you need to make money! ( What’s new?) You can now rent your memory space to anyone across the globe, just like the Airbnb for homes. This is going to be Awesome and the company is called “SIA”

  1. You can rent your memory space
  2. You can get paid for it
  3. You can buy Siacoin

Siacoin is alternative coin similar like bitcoin and helps people to share their memory space in their hard disk. Here is a video explaining it,

and another video…

If you are looking to buy siacoin ,use poloniex to buy them. First buy bitcoin on COINBASE You need to buy bitcoin initially. We will both get 10$ of bitcoin when you spend $100 on bitcoin.

Happy investing!

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