Why Teaching is still the best job?

I had this idea long back and Why I consider teaching the best opportunity in the next 10 years. It is the best work you can do to keep earning more money and help more people at the same time. You need to inspire people, motivate people and make them learn first to earn. Helping a man to catch fish is better than giving him fish

Life is not about money but you need money to survive. This is a systematic plan to make more money and will not happen overnight.

How can you teach someone online? udemy is the best if you are looking for something to get paid through bank account. But the strategy is too direct and no one would be buying your thing. You start with one course and offer 70 percent of the course for free to gain from the 30 percent. There are no rules in marketing, all you have to do is find a following and keep teaching.

I started with Youtube to make people understand about stocks and stock trading strategies. I earn only through ads and I want to create a channel where more people can learn easily. I am getting benefited because I am helping someone and I learn myself too.

I have a Facebook group too which I plan to use the Facebook live to teach people online. In teaching, you must create value first and offer at a cheap price than others.

Normally I price my book 2.99$ on amazon and sometimes 0.99$ too. Most times I would love to create value more than what they pay for and its rewarding.

I have a simple book about how to look charts in a different way. Lot of people look at MACD and other stock indicators in a wrong way. No indicators work without the resistance and support zones. You must also learn to read about the volume in each trade. If you are interested in the book ,


Get it on Amazon.com (june 30th)

As a beginner to stock investment, one should keep reading news each day and look for the profitable chart patterns. It comes with practice to pick the right stocks.

Another book about investments and how to be on the safer side. How to save money for the future? There is a hierarchy to build wealth over time and have a backup plan. Stock trading is your final option and there are many ways to keep your money for the future.


Available on amazon US

My few tips on saving money/being on the safer side

  1. Never invest in something that you don’t need later.
  2. I recommend you trying a budget app to keep your expenses under control.
  3. Have one strong source of income which could be your job or income from property or business
  4. The best things are available for less cost, Quickly find why you want to buy.
  5. Save money for later and have a long term investment.

6. Keep following a routine and you would get benefits in the long run.


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if you are planning to teach online try these

  1. Fully paid version — Udemy
  2. Free version — Youtube
  3. Free Marketing — Facebook live

Teach others, Inspire more people and make your idea to reality. Meet you in another post.

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