• Everything you need to Know about Running for Fitness .
  • Running is one of the Most Popular Activities worldwide , and Provides an Incredible Feeling of Achievement as well asAn Enjoyable and Accessible way to Get Fit.
  • You only need to put on A Pair of Running shoes to Run anytime or anywhere.
  • Follow a plan of Running for Fitness , and Exercises to Build up Strength.
  • Running is A Natural Activity.Almost as soon as Child can walk , He or She will Try to Run.Thousands of year ago , this Natural Instinct was Born out of A Need to Run to Survive ,but these days many people have no need to run and,once we reached Aduthood ,No Desire to.
  • A recreational runner like all of us who starts out to Lose Weight becomes faster ,then he wants to race , then to race well , then perhaps to try to win.
  • Despite its Simplicity ,Running is Misunderstood form of Exercise.Start on a wrong foot , and you could be turned off immediately.
  • Your First Runs should be Fun and Energizing , so keep them Easy.It is Hard to take your First step as A Runner-- Starting out with a Friend will keep you Motivated.

Why Run ?

  • Running often comes under attack as being more Damaging than other forms of exercises , but The Truth is that just about every aspect of a person’s and mental health will benefit from moderate running.
  • Apart from the sheer Enjoyment and Satisfaction you will Gain from Running , here are just some of the Proven Benefits that you can Acquire by Running Three or Four times a week for 20 to 30 minutes each time .
  • Healthy Heart and Lungs.
  • Reduced Body Fat.
  • Reduced Stress.
  • Better Bones and Joints.
  • BetterGut Health
  • Improved Mental Health.
  • Improved Muscle Tone.

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Ashok Morey

Healthy Lifestyle Coach.


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