Only thePresident Can Fix Our Economy. No?

Most people choose a specialist doctor for treating their illnesses. Few expect a dentist to suggest effective treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. It is illegal in most places for a dentist to suggest treatments for Arthritis, even though a dentist might be able to read medical literature and understand what Arthritis is and how a treatment works.

When it comes to the presidential elections, however, we have this notion that only this candidate can fix our economy. Why? Is this candidate an expert in economics? Nope. We just elect the person we like the most. The one who shares our strongest biases. Then we delude ourselves into thinking that she can magically fix the economy. That is on top of our standard delusion that a “fixed” economy will be better for us and our loved ones.

That is how politics works. And it pays handsomely. Four hundred thousand US Dollars a year and free boarding and lodging in the White House for family for four years.

We like to believe that a rational choice is being made and the best person for the job is being chosen. No. Its a popularity contest. Take a minute and think of reasons why it isn’t.

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